Videos Created by Interns & Students - 2005-2012
These videos demonstrate how students in high school and college can create and share information that expands the network of adults helping tutor/mentor programs reach young people.
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"We Will Be Hope" intern from IIT and Korea, created this video to support volunteer recruitment.


Minsub Lee, a 2011 intern from IIT and Korea, created this video to support volunteer recruitment.


Tutor/Mentor Connection - info video



Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Connection, in Chinese  

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Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Connection, in Korean 

Video demonstrating role athletes could take.


"How to Set Up Tutor/Mentor Program" video animation

Year-End Dinner Video by Interns


Student Video created at Cabrini Connections, circa 2010.  

"Enough is Enough" points to this blog article




See more videos created by youth, volunteers and interns in the Cabrini Connections tutor/mentor program between 1995 and 2011

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